Skype Counselling

Online Therapy during the (Covid-19) outbreak:

At this challenging time, during the (Covid-19) outbreak, we are seeing more clients choosing to work remotely with their therapist using Skype.

Starting your therapy online: You may be looking to start therapy. This could be because you are struggling with increased stresses and strains of having to adjust to the ever changing state of affairs, or you may have found that you now have more time on your hands, without the daily commute, and are able to commit to therapy. 

Continuing your therapy online: You may find that during the (Covid-19) outbreak, with travel restrictions and enforced isolation, you are unable to travel to see your therapist but are keen to continue your therapy work online, whilst you are unable to attend sessions in person.

One Stop Counselling Services offers an easy way to connect with a counsellor online. Expert help. At OSCS we have online, Skype and telephone counselling sessions that can be arranged at a time to suit you between the hours of 8.00-21.00 GMT Monday - Saturday. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to call 07958498660. Licensed professionals offering Skype appointments to NHS. Available anytime, anywhere you need them. The time is now to look after yourself. Start therapy today. Stay home, stay safe and get therapy. 100% private environment

Are Online therapy sessions as good as in-person sessions?

Nothing can replace being in the same room face to face, and many clients and therapists prefer to work this way, however with faster broadband, 4G / 5G, improved video cameras and services like Skype, counselling and psychotherapy online has become much more effective and accessible to everyone. Perhaps surprisingly, some clients find it easier to connect with their feelings when they are in front of a screen than in front of a person.

How do Skype or Online therapy sessions work?

Essentially there is no difference in the quality and process of therapy between you and the therapist, whether face to face or online, the only change is in how the therapist meets with you. Your therapist will explain the steps to connecting with you during your initial telephone conversation.

What do I need, to have an online therapy session?

- For a successful and effective online therapy session you need:                                                                                                                                                - A good strong internet connection – we recommend using a private WiFi (not public) connection                                                                                        - A desktop, laptop, iPad or mobile with a camera – think about where you will prop this so that you can see the screen and see your therapist and that they can see you. Holding a camera for 50 minutes is tiring so try to make sure you can sit comfortably.                                                                     -- A comfortable seat.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    - Somewhere with light in front of you, so that your face is clear in the picture. An angle poise lamp or desk lamp is useful.                                  - Somewhere confidential and quiet – it is best to reduce any background noise, radio, TV, traffic noise so that you can be clearly heard by your therapist.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    - Somewhere where you won’t be interrupted by other people.

To book your Skype Counselling session with us call 07958 498 660 or email