Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring

It’s important to realise what’s your feelings & what belongs to other people. We are surrounded by so many people at work at home in the community that it’s very easy to absorb other peoples energy especially negative vibes & unwittingly claim them as our own.

In a nutshell as a example if our partner is down then it’s common for us to feel down too, however we can ask ourselves on a daily basis & at regular intervals throughout the day how do I feel ? What’s going on for me ? Think your own thoughts , feel your own feelings. If your confused or unsure how you are feeling , keep a diary. It’s strange how once we ask the question, why am I feeling like this ? What does this mean ? the answers do come to us at the right time.

Secondly it’s important to try & avoid not feeling our feelings because we are scared of them. As humans we tend to worry that we can’t cope with are feelings & use various different methods to block them without realising it. Such as drinking to much alcohol, using drugs, over doing it at the gym , working to many hours. The list is endless. So the message I’m putting out there is be self aware & take responsibility for yourself & let other people take responsibility for themselves. We are not responsible for other people’s feelings. Have a nice day.

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